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Spaceship Voyager Review

Spaceship Voyager Review

Is Spaceship Voyager the best micro-investing app in the market? Read our unbiased Spaceship Voyager Review to find out more.

Investing in stocks is not something that should be taken lightly. You need to learn about investing, and you have to trust those who are guiding your investments. Spaceship Voyager makes investing easy by providing a simple interface for beginners and experienced investors alike.

Spaceship Voyager offers investment options in stocks, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and more! If you’re looking to invest but aren’t really sure where to start or if you just don’t have enough time or energy to do it yourself, then Spaceship Voyager is a great place to begin.

It’s 100% free to try out the platform until you decide what kind of investor you want to be. In addition, they also have some great resources on their blog if you’re looking for more information about investing strategies.

What Is Spaceship Voyager?

The Spaceship Voyager app is a micro investing platform for Australians that allows investors to build their wealth by choosing from three investment portfolios and two Superannuation portfolios. Micro investing is a hot topic in the investment world because of the benefits it brings to everyone, including consumers and the economy.

With an increase in investor appetite and a lowering of the barrier to entry, micro investing is growing exponentially. With $5 and a smartphone, it’s possible to start investing with Spaceship Voyager!

Because of the high barrier to entry that most previous investment methods posed, these became more and more accessible to small investors who might not have been able to afford them. The high minimums of some previous investment options made it tough for individuals to get in on the ground floor of an investment opportunity.

Spaceship Voyager Review

How Does Spaceship Voyager Actually Work?

Spaceship Voyager is an actively managed investment alternative with the exception of the Origin Portfolio. That means that they have a team of experts who are handcrafting the portfolios available to investors. These people make conscious judgments about which investments to buy and sell in order to get the most out of certain businesses.

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Analysts are expensive, which is why Spaceship must charge some fees to pay them and the rest of the staff. The managed investment schemes of Spaceship Origin, Universe, and Earth are regulated in this way so that investors’ money goes to fund space research.

You can select the portion of your portfolio that you want to invest in – be it large companies, small companies or the entire market. The most significant distinction is that you won’t own any single equities; instead, you’ll hold a piece of the fund you choose.

If you bought $100 of the universe portfolio for $1, you would get 100 units of the fund. Then if the unit price was $2 in one year and you sold your 100 units, you’d make a profit of $100.

You can fund your account using a one-time investment or, even better, set up a recurring investment by linking to your bank account. This is a game-changer because automated investing small amounts every week will add up over time. The best part is that you won’t even realize the money is leaving your account.

It’s recommended that you start small. If you have no clue where to even begin when it comes to investing, then you should begin with a small sum of money. As your comfort level grows, you can expand your investment size.

The Spaceship Voyager Portfolio Options

The Spaceship Origin Portfolio

A passive index fund allows an investor to invest in an index or a basket of securities without selecting them. By placing their assets in a particular fund that follows the index, investors are essentially investing in a pool of the companies that made up the index.

A machine-learning algorithm uses algorithms, data and human knowledge to learn patterns from data. A popular application is to automate tasks that are difficult to complete manually.

The companies constituting this index fund are chosen based on their market capitalization. Market capitalization is the current market price of one share multiplied by the total outstanding shares. This fund’s cost to manage is 0.05% per year for accounts with balances above $5,000 at present.

If your balance falls below $5,000, there is no fee.

They follow a rule-based form of investing, where they hold 70-80% in companies listed on international stock exchanges, 15-25% in companies listed in the Australian Stock Exchange and 0-10% in cash.

The Spaceship Universe Portfolio

The Spaceship Voyager investment team has determined that the 100 Australian and worldwide equities in this portfolio are representative of our world’s economic trends. To determine the best investments, we use the WWG criteria that are outlined in our book.

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These investments are made differently than those in the Origin Portfolio. Rather, they are selected based on a set of criteria. Investors are invited to follow along as they grow over decades, thousands of individual investors, and millions of dollars.

As a result, the possible dangers and benefits are heightened as fund managers strive to outperform the market. The fee for the Universe Portfolio is 0.10% per year for balances over $5,000, which is higher than many other funds. If you have less than $5,000 in your account, fees are zero.

This portfolio follows a structure of, 70-80% invested in companies listed on international stock exchanges, 15-25% in companies listed in the Australian Stock Exchange and 0-10% in cash.

The Spaceship Earth Portfolio

The Spaceship Voyager investment team has selected 30-50 Australian and international stocks to create this passive investment portfolio. In fact, these companies have been selected using the WWG standards.

This fund excludes businesses involved in industries such as fossil fuels, nuclear power, and animal cruelty, among other things. The fund’s objective is to produce high returns by investing in environmentally beneficial firms.

1.The Spaceship Universe Portfolio and this fund are actively managed and charge a 0.10 percent fee on balances of $5,000 or more. They are similar in that they are both actively managed and charge a 0.10 percent fee on balances over $5,000. There are no fees for deposits under $5,000.

They employ an asset allocation criteria of 85-100% invested in companies listed on Australian and International stock exchanges and hold 0-15% cash.

Difference between the Spaceship Voyager portfolios

The Spaceship Origin Portfolio, which is designed to invest in 200 of the world’s largest firms, costs 0.05% per year on balances above $5,000.

The Spaceship Universe Portfolio invests in the world-altering firms that meet our “Where the World is Going” criteria at a 0.10% annual expense rate on balances above $5,000.

The Spaceship Earth Portfolio invests in firms that have a beneficial influence on people and the environment, with a 0.10% annual fee on balances greater than $5,000.

The Spaceship Voyager portfolios do not have a minimum investment and offer no entrance or exit costs. For the first $5,000 invested, they are fee-free.

What’s the Best Spaceship Voyager Portfolio?

It depends on what your objective is when it comes to investing. One thing is true: it’s statistically more likely that you’ll achieve better returns if you follow the market index instead of choosing individual stocks.

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The Spaceship Universe Portfolio is a curated set of stocks that have a proven track record of growth. The portfolio is hand-picked by professionals to match specific criteria.

With increased environmental concerns comes greater attention to social, ethical and environmental issues in portfolio construction. The Spaceship Earth portfolio does not include non-environmentally friendly companies, so it has more stringent selection criteria than the previous portfolio.

It’s entirely up to you as to how you want to play your investing game. There’s no wrong way to approach it.

Finally, if you are an ethical investor, the Spaceship Earth Portfolio is better suited to you. The key thing to remember with all portfolios is that they are development-oriented. As a result, the Spaceship Voyager team urges you to keep all portfolios for at least seven years in order to see growth.

Investments, like stocks, can fluctuate in the market. While this is true, most will actually perform better over time than the market averages. This is because these investments tend to be less volatile than the overall stock market and so they’re more likely to perform well in the long run.


According to their website, they have a hotline that is accessible between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, as well as an email support system and a live chat bot.

How safe is Spaceship Voyager

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulate Spaceship Voyager, which is licensed by the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 501605). ASIC is an independent statutory authority of the government that protects investors and the integrity of the financial system.

In terms of the software, it includes biometrics security, which helps to prevent users from guessing your PIN and uses a 256-bit encryption and SSL. The app doesn’t include 2FA, which could help reduce cyber security breaches.

Spaceship Alternatives


Spaceship Voyager is an excellent investment tool for those looking to start investing or who need a little help investing money. As a beginner, this is an easy program to get started with. Seasoned investors will also appreciate the ease of use.

It’s easy to use, offers high-performance portfolios, and has one of the lowest costs in the industry. These factors have made Spaceship one of the best micro-investing apps in Australia.

Spaceship Voyager
Start investing with as little as $5
Set and forget with Auto Investing
Set weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly payments
Low Fees & Transparency
Easy investment options with 3 portfolios
Limited to 3 investment options
You don’t own any underlying assets

Written by Investorazzi

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